The school calendar contains events, color-coded by campus. Parents will be notified via parent communications of any major changes to the calendar. The legend is above the calendar for each campus’ color. The school calendar includes snow days built into it.


Helpful hints:

  • Below is the school calendar for the year for both campuses.  Activities will be added as they are scheduled.
    • Double click on an event to get more detail.
    • To print the calendar below, you must click the printer icon above the calendar and then
      • change font size to smaller or smallest AND change the orientation to landscape.
  • To print the calendar for only one campus (the default is both campuses),
    • click on the small blue arrow in the top right corner just above the calendar.
    • A drop down menu will open with the option of hiding one of the calendars by unchecking the box beside the campus name.
    • Click on the printer icon above the Google calendar
  • The 2016-2017 yearly color-coded school calendar of early dismissals and closings for each campus are posted below.  Updated on March 27, 2017 due to only using one snow day and the pastors giving the school Holy Thursday off:


School calendar is subject to change at the discretion of the administration.