On Friday, April 28, 2017 both campuses will be participating in the annual Race for Education. The Elementary Campus students will walk or jog around the soccer field as many times as they are able in one hour.  The Early Childhood Center students will ride their tricycle, bicycle or scooter around a coned off area in the parking lot.

Students will have an opportunity to receive a number of prizes based on their participation in the Race for Education.  At the Elementary Campus there will also be classroom incentives.  We are giving each student a label sheet, and you can enable us to reach our goal by spending a minimal amount of time filling out the sheet with the names and addresses of potential sponsors.  At the ECC Campus, parents will be given letters to fill out and return to the school.  These names will only be seen by members of the Race Committee and will not be shared with outside organizations or be used for any other mailings from our school. The RACE participants will be given letters to personalize, and the letters will be mailed from the school to potential sponsors.

We invite family and friends to join us in helping to raise funds.  Below is a goal thermometer for each campus showing what will be purchased at different levels.  Each campus has its own goal and wish list.

Individual businesses that support the RACE with a minimum $200 donation will have their business name listed on the RACE page on our website as well as on our Facebook page.

Please plan to join us on to cheer for our student and faculty racers!  Below are links to each campus’ donation page as well as the thermometers showing the total raised for each campus.


Maureen Roan, Race Coordinator

Elementary Campus RACE for Education

Early Childhood Center Campus Race for Education Donation Page